Love you always and forever

Love you always and forever

ove is just one of many emotions you wonder whether you have it, want it, need it, or own it. Love can make you happy, sad, or be painful. Love can be all of those things at one time. Sometimes you don’t even know what love is until that person or thing you love is gone. Love is learned, you don’t own it.

But when you do love, it can be wonderful and painful at the same time. I’ve learned that love and hate are so powerful there is a fine line between the two. Both emotions are that deep that it can take your breath away. You can never be sure of anything in life, it’s all about chances. I question the feeling of love as it goes back to my childhood. I believe it starts from the day you are born and it blossoms and develops.

Without love you feel empty and lost. To this day, I still question if I can love, if I was loved, and how would I feel to be completely in love. I’ve been disappointed numerous times, let down, shut down, and shut out. You begin to build a wall around your feelings so that neither love or hate can enter your wall penetrating those fragile feelings that can shake you to the core. This may not answer your question how are you sure, but I do know that love has many different faucets and extensions. It’s simply damn complicated if you ask me. I go back to basics.

I do know, I love my dog. I know she loves me. There is no questioning that…so if I have that attachment to my dog, I then use that to parallel my life and how I loved my children due to circumstances beyond my control. I think love can hurt you to the core. It can rattle and shake you silly. Your heart can sink to your toes in seconds.

It can make you go crazy….love is just a crazy thing and for each person and how you identify with it, shapes the meaning of how you love and if you have been loved. Keep in mind, there is a huge difference of loving someone or something, than being completely IN LOVE! Now there is another topic for another day! Good luck.

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